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Special Shiatsu Massage Prices in Quincy, MA

I am starting a new program to help me keep in touch with clients. 
To ensure you receive the latest promotions for shiatsu massage prices in Quincy, MA, at Kim Purdy's Bodywork, TEXT and SUBSCRIBE to (617) 479-1030
Please note that this is not a marketing list and is used solely for discount promotions.

See below for special offers for new and returning clientele.

1/2 hour Choose One Of 4 Treatments
Head Neck and Shoulders
Back To Buttocks
Shoulder To Fingers
Knee To Toes

One 1/2 hour Gift Certificate For Yourself One For Each Of Your Loved Ones

Asian Bodywork Therapy in Quincy, MA

Massage in Quincy, MA

Acupressure Massage in Quincy, MA

SPECIAL DEAL (package) PRICE $200.00 (four one hour) Can be used as one hour or ninety minute sessions
Can not be transferred to anyone else
Normal package price (below) will go back into effect December 15,2021
Regular package price can be transferred
Six one hours for $300.00 that can be used as one hour or ninety minute sessions

New Client One Hour Special 
Special price $49 (one hour)

The normal one hour price is $75.00
The special new client price is a first time clients price , but until December 15,2021 it’s available to new and long time clients alike.

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One Hour Shiatsu Treatment (With Reflexology)

One-and-a-Half Hour Shiatsu Treatment (With Reflexology)

Half Hour Shiatsu Treatment (With Reflexology)

One hour Fire Cupping W/Reflexology

One half hour Auriculo Therapy

One hour Prenatal Schiatsu/Acupressure

Special Offers

Voucher prices are available for 60 or 90 minutes if payments are made directly through Bodywork.

*No same day appointments for vouchers

There is a special price of $49 for one hour of treatment for all new customers.

Returning customers can call Kim for a special price.

Please see online booking for services for prospective voucher clientele.

Please note: No cash value, partial use refund, and no expiration.

Please text Kim Purdy's bodywork for all scheduling