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Kim Purdy (Lic. ABT) Bodywork candidate for CHC certification.

Licensed Asian Bodywork Therapist 1986.

Kim has licensed Bodywork establishment in 1997, 24 years in Quincy.

Kim has had hundreds of hundreds of hours od continued Edu’s, Acu-point formula workshops, Sotai, etc.

Kim completed her 500 hour ABT program at the New England Shiatsu Center in 1986. In 1987, completed a 750-hour internship under the directorship of Dr. Ted Kaptchuck, author of The Web with No Weaver and Harvard School of Medicine.

According to Dr. Ted, the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital had a difficult patient population. Most patients came from prisons and very poor communities, and they suffered from poor health conditions. Despite this, all interns under his guidance showed dedication in their work. Dr. Ted evaluated his interns as "educated, sensitive, willing to work hard, and able to re-moralize and spark renewed interest in health."

I love my work and have enjoyed creating a special clinic. I have had many interactions with thousands of clients over my thirty plus years in the field and have been blessed by my many teachers, Dr Luc DeShepper M.D. PhD. Lic.Ac OMD D.O.H. Cindy Banker OMD dipl.NCCAOM, LicABT Barbara Blanchard OMD, Lic Ac, Dipl. NCCAOM, Lic ABT, Kiku Vutrau Miyazaki Lic. Ac, Dipl. NCCAOM.

Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy

Kim began her study of Homeopathy under the professional directorship of Doctor Luc  DeShepper in  1997 at New School Of Homeopathy

From 2002 to 2008,  kim Purdy attended Dr. Luc's live classes at the Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy.

Kim Purdy  completed a three year advance managemnt course in 2008 for ASD and behavioral health;  for children and young adults .

These classes were held in New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada.

AOBTA Affiliation

Since 1990, Kim has been an active member of AOBTA and also serves as representative for the agency starting in 2008. AOBTA certifies qualified members from all societies where they practice of any of the 14 styles of Asian massage. These massage types include:
ABT - Tuina - Thai - Qi Gong Healing

White Flower

Kim Purdy

Quincy MA. began licensing certified credentialed ABT/acupressure therapists in May 2015.

Kim Purdy's Bodywork had an active city license from 1997 to 2008.

In 2008 Kim Purdy was professionally contacted by the state board of licensure  as to whether Kim Purdy would like to be grandfathered into the upcoming licensure.

The upcoming licensure was for Swedish model of muscular therapy and was not Asian Bodywork Therapy. but Asian Bodywork had a legal exemption clause written into the massage law.

Being  presented with two options: to be grandfathered into the new state law, or to continue a legal practice in my certified modality, I chose the former.

Also written within the massage law bill was  that any city or town could keep the licensure that had always been in effect in MA. prior to the  new state licensure.

Quincy , MA.  chose to let the exemtion clause be the standard , this meant that there was no regulatory commision to oversee any establishments or pratitioners.

In 2015 Quincy adopted the city licensure once again and Kim became licensed through Quincy keeping her Asian Bodywork Therapy credentials and NOT licensed in the state muscular therapy bill, law.

Currently MA. licensure board has a bill on its desk  for Asian bodywork Therapy as well as other exempt modality's under its umbrella, giving state licensure under 'Alternative Healing Therapy