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Asian Bodywork Therapy in Quincy, MA

Asian Bodywork Therapy in Quincy, MA

Asian Bodywork Therapy in Quincy, MA, is a gentle and suitable therapy for all ages, from babies to bodybuilders. A form of natural healing that balances and enhances a person’s own ability to heal. Our present-day knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and pathology has its foundations in Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM.

Kim Purdy’s Approach to Bodywork

Clear the mind and stimulate your body’s natural ability to cope and heal with this innovative approach to Asian Bodywork Therapy. With my training and my practice of this family of therapies, I have seen the possible improvement and healing. In these uncertain times, we all need a wellness treatment that relaxes and stimulates natural healing as well.

The Importance of Immune System Strengthening

While many of us focus on staying healthy during difficult times, everyday life stresses can take a toll. Conventional supplements and strategies may fall short of your needs when the weight of the world feels like it is bearing down on you. Learn about the non-invasive therapies and immune treatments that are possible from my practice of this element of TCM.

Every person I serve is different in some way, so my approach to treatment can include a number of recommendations. Many find that the increased circulation that comes from fire cupping has improved their wellbeing. Removing toxins and improving circulation may ease the ailment you face. Learn more about each form of massage and the type of improvement that is possible with regular stretching. I’m eager to discuss every treatment that’s available to the people I serve.

Shiatsu is a non-invasive therapy that helps contribute to overall wellbeing.

Shiatsu is a form of Asian Bodywork that they consider massage, in the East.

It is a great way to help slow down when you have pushed yourself too much from everyday life, or when you are sore from overwork or overwhelmed from emotional excitement.

Only in the United States do massage lobbyists not allow the word massage to be used. That is and always has been fine with me as I have always used the term Bodywork since I finished my training. Massage therapy is muscular therapy. Shiatsu Acupressure Tuina Thai massage are all forms of Asian Bodywork Therapy and all use the same meridian/channel system.

These Channels transverse the body and all begin on the spinal column and run along the torso and extremities to the tips of the fingers and toes and are related to each specific organ. The organs pathways relate directly to the organs; whereas muscular therapy relates to the muscles, and tendons fascia, our focus is not on the muscles but these are naturally effected and treated as well, but the focus is deeper. Our meridians organ channels (pathways), start deep in the body. Each channel relates to its organ and along each pathway are the points that relate to that specific organ.

These points are the same points used in acupuncture therapy. One example that is especially significant during these COVID times is the Lung meridian a point on the Lung channel known as Lung 1. Its name is CENTRAL PALACE, this point is crucial to any Lung issue and has been proven for centuries for its action. It is a point that holds and collects issues that relate to the Lung, such as chronic phlegm and cough, the etiology can be caused from multiple sources such as a poorly resolved infection (false cure with vaccines and antibiotic use,) acute pneumonia and also from the emotion of the Lung- Grief from loss etc. all organs have their emotion that is part of its anatomy. Lung 1 It has deep and specific action on many respiratory issues. Cough phlegm and a sensation often cold and or numbness in the Lung. On the spiritual plane it helps one to come to grips with Grief, allowing trust to be sown or resown. Conventional medicine does not take this into account and why it doesn't heal but simply suppresses and is the backdrop for deeper illness. Resolve the emotional etiology and you can help the physical outcome far better.

Touch is a powerful tool for helping stressful situations have less hold on our lives, Shi-Atsu translates to the words finger-pressure.

Our worries and concerns do affect us; we all know that. People often ask me why I have all these KNOTS, in my body, the answer is they are not true knots, blood flow follows the energetic flow, these knots feel real and cause discomfort on the physical, emotional or mental level. 

When a person worries, this energy flows in many directions. As such, it will create circles of stagnation, which will eventually prevent blood from flowing smoothly, especially in the spleen, stomach, and chest. 

This stagnant QI (Chi) can create abdominal distention, gastric discomfort, shoulder tension, breathlessness, or chest discomfort. But if worrying becomes a person's normal thought process, then chronic abdominal conditions can result.

Shiatsu for Pediatrics

Kim Purdy has been treating children for more than 30 years, and there is nothing more beneficial than a professional therapist treating a child through a healing Shiatsu session. Unlike Swedish massage, Shiatsu is specific and individualized, treating the whole person, from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Perspective.

Kim Purdy treats children and adults both with homeopathy and Shiatsu/Acupressure focusing on VERY specific Acu-Points and/or homeopathic treatment plan.

There are ongoing classes for parents and loves ones to teach them how to use gentle hands-on treatment (Tsubos) pressure points. This serves the child in so many ways, especially balancing and strengthening the immune system and vitality.

Shiatsu can be used for a wide variety of internal musculoskeletal and emotional conditions. It is thought to reduce muscle stiffness, stimulate the skin, aid in digestion, and influence the nervous system. Shiatsu is effective with sports therapy; sports injuries are treated using gentle stretches and pressure points.

Shiatsu has shown to be effective for the pain and discomfort for many chronic conditions:

• Treats Sports Injuries
• Improves Circulation

• Reduces Stress and Tension as well as Anxiety and Depression
• Fatigue
• Insomnia
• Fibromyalgia
• Aids in Treatment of Musculoskeletal Issues
• Aids in Treatment of Digestive Disorders
• Treats PMS, Morning Sickness, and Menstrual Issues 
...and much more

The effect may be stimulating and invigorating or soothing and calming, depending on the session's goals. In the U.S., Asian Bodywork Therapy is considered a subset of massage therapy or acupuncture but is, in fact, similar to both.

Stagnation can be considered a roadblock to wellness, as it is the very definition of why we feel pain.

The treatment helps to bring balance back to our immune system.

Wellness Treatment in Quincy, MA


I recently went to Bodywork for the first time for an ABT treatment from Kim. Setting up my appointment with Kim was done easily via email. The location was comfortable, and Kim was very polite and professional. The treatment was enjoyable, and my muscles felt great after. The price for an hour treatment was also very reasonable. I will definitely be back for another treatment in the near future.

Joe S.

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Our worries and concerns do affect us; we all know that.

No matter how much we try to turn off our mind, it is possible, sometimes going out for a brisk walk or another action does not give us the full relief we require to let go of stress.

The treatment strongly affects our ability to allow our creativity to flow.

Shiatsu treatment is a great way to help to slow down when you have pushed yourself too much from work or everyday life.

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"Always keep in mind that stimulation of acu-points is like a tuneup for the body: it improves the health and circulation of blood, lymph, bile, muscles, joints, tendons, and life-giving vitality. In this way, acupressure contributes to the healing of aches and pains throughout the body."

- Kim Purdy

Learn About Kim Purdy

Asian Bodywork Therapy (ABT) Bodywork in Quincy, Massachusetts, offers ABT/Acupressure as well as homeopathic medicine. Asian Bodywork Therapy (ABT). Kim Purdy has been a licensed therapist since 1986, dedicated to treating and helping patients of many acute and chronic conditions.

At Kim Purdy's Bodywork, we specialize in acupressure massage, ABT bodywork, and homeopathic medicine

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